Welcome To The Studio
Cartoon portrait of John, the artist.
HELLO! I'm John. I'm an illustrator, and I work in ballpoint pens.  I had a long career in television, where I designed  and animated on-air promotional graphics for several networks.  Now I live in Wild, Wacky Palm Springs California  with my husband.  I have always been highly influenced and inspired  by the major Hollywood animation studios.  Mainly by those that existed in the 40s, 50s and 60s.  So, as an homage to those places and times,  I created my own Hollywood Studio!  Sure, it only exists online,  but the overhead is much cheaper this way.  So please, stroll around the lot,  browse through the galleries, buy some art,  grab a virtual bite in the "commissary".  You may even want to order a custom portrait for your home.  Thanks for visiting, and enjoy.  - John
Image of the studio exterior.