Image shows various custom portraits of people in various situations, with their families or friends or pets.

How It Works...

  Contact me via email. Tell me who you want to appear in the portrait, and what kind of environment/situation you'd like to be in. Then, just email me pictures of all people and / or animals in the portrait. Please include good, clear face pictures, with no sunglasses or hats (unless you wear them all the time.) I will then work on a rough line drawing, which I will email to you for approval. Once the rough is approved, I will work on the final illustration. The final piece will be mailed to you, once payment is received. The whole process can take up to 4 weeks, depending on my schedule. PLEASE NOTE: I will not include any copyrighted logos, brand names, characters or icons. No celebrity likenesses (unless you ARE that celebrity).


People Portraits:

8" x 10" 1 to 4 people and custom background plus 1-2 pets $500

8" x 10" 1 to 4 people and custom background $475

4" x 6" 1 to 2 people $300

Pet Portraits:

8* x 10” 1 to 4 pets on custom background $400

4"x 6" 1 to 3 pets on a solid background $300

Postage will be extra.

Email me for more info.